Welcome to Hardeman & Bashirian Engineering, LLC

Hardeman & Bashirian Engineering, LLC, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia
specializes in engineering and design of High Voltage and Extra High Voltage
substations and electric power systems. We serve a variety of markets, including investor-
owned electric utilities, municipals, cooperatives, industrial facilities, commercial
segments, constructors, manufacturers, and other engineering firms. Our efficiency,
expertise, and dedication makes us an ideal partner for time sensitive substation and
electric power systems projects.

Our trademark is an unwavering commitment to engineering quality, excellence, and
great customer service, which ultimately translates to systems that are highly reliable,
robust, cost effective, full-featured, simple, and exceptional in quality that meets and
exceeds our customer’s expectations.

In the end, our customers are left with a product that is simply unsurpassed in quality.
That is the Hardeman & Bashirian Engineering signature.
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